Summer School

Please read the liabilities 

1.    Participation Fee:
Young Learners 7-10 year (Junior): € 195,00
Middle Group 10-15 year (Elementary): € 278,00
Higher Levels Group 15-18 year (Advanced): € 295,00
Price is per student. Admin costs €10,00. Siblings only have to pay administration costs once.

2.    Groups will be made based on the information given by participants and parents. Level Teams will be decided on after Placement procedures on Monday.

3.    We cannot guarantee that friends or siblings will be placed together in the same group, but we will always try to meet your preferences. Please write this down in the Questions/Remarks section of the registration form.

4.    Participants of English Summer Schools are obliged to follow all reasonable orders Anglia Network Europe gives to make sure that activities run smoothly. Participants who misbehave or cause hinder can be expelled from the English Summer School, without any right to reimbursement of any fees or costs made for early collection by parents or guardians.

5.    Each participant must make sure that he is sufficiently insured for the Anglia Summer Schools that he takes part in. Please check if activities, if applicable, are part of your insurance.

6.    Participants are liable for loss or theft of materials that they use during activities. Anglia Network Europe is not responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings.

7.    Participants are expected to be aware of personal issues such as allergies and diets. Please do not fail to report this in time.

8.    Because of the small groups and personal attention, English Summer Schools are very suitable for dyslexic students. However, English Summer Schools are not specifically equipped to deal with specific special considerations.

9.    On 4 July, Anglia Network Europe is authorized to cancel a specific Summer School or group within a Summer School if numbers are insufficient. If this happens, we will contact you to discuss possibilities. You can e.g. go to another venue or cancel for free. If you have already paid, payment will be reimbursed.

10.    Cancellation: If you cancel after 1 July, you have to pay 50% of the total amount. If you cancel within 14 days of the start of the Summer School, you will not be reimbursed.

11.    If circumstances beyond our control force us to cancel certain activities, Anglia Network Europe is not obliged to reimburse part of the participation fee. The programme is provisional and subject to change.

12.    Pictures made during the event will be published on our website and social media accounts and can be used for promotional activities.

13.    Your personal details will only be used internally. You will receive information from us about the Summer School in your inbox. We do not sell or provide your details to any other services or companies.

14.    Staff is not responsible for children dropped off before opening and and after closing of the day at the English Summer Schools. If they are dropped off, they are the parents' responsibility.

15.    English Summer School Staff is not authorized to decide on the liabilities, decisions in this area can only be made by Anglia Network Europe Head Office.

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