Placement Tests

What is your Anglia Level? 

Online Placement Test

The Online Placement Test marks itself and gives the student taking it an instant result and suggested entry point. It consists entirely of multiple choice questions. There are two versions, one Online Placement Test starting at First Step Level and one Online Placement Test starting at Elementary level.

The Placement Test is the first option in a set of tools to determine the right level. Please verify the outcome of the test with a sample exam paper. Use the Handbook for Teachers to know the requirments and content per level.

Online Test

Online Test starting at Elementary Level

Paper Placement Test

Next to an Online Placement test it is possible to use a downloadable paper Placement Test which you are free to copy and use individually or as class sets. The Paper Placement Test requires manual marking and has the advantage of a writing section which incorporates the teacher's professional judgement into the multiple choice score.

Paper Test

Answer Sheet


Level Final Total
First Step 1 - 5
Junior 6 -12
Primary 13 - 20
Preliminary 21 - 36
Elementary 37 - 46
Pre-Intermediate 47 - 61
Intemediate 62 - 71
Advanced 72 - 85
AcCEPT Proficiency 86 - 93
Masters 94 - 100
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Heeft onlangs een foto geplaatst
Heeft onlangs een foto geplaatst
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