Grammar Points

Primary Level 

Grammar and Structures List for the Primary Level Examination

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Grammar & Structures What are they used for? Some examples
GP 8: There is/there are Identifying something/someone. There is a book on the table. There are four girls in the kitchen.
GP 2: Present simple Talking about habits, routines, facts (such as where a person lives), the actions of everyday life. My uncle lives in a small house. She is thirteen years old. I always take the bus to school.
GP 2: The present simple with the verb 'like' + 'ing' in the third person singular and plural Describing what people or animals like doing. My cat likes sleeping in the garden. My brothers like playing football in the park.
GP 5: Present continuous Talking about present actions. My brothers are playing football in the park at the moment.
GP 2 + GP 5: Interrogative forms of the above two tenses  Asking and answering questions about the above. Do they often go to the cinema? Do you have/Have you got a computer? Are the children doing their homework? Is she eating her breakfast at the moment?
GP 2 + GP 5: Negative forms of the above two tenses Making the above negative. Sue doesn't like dogs. John isn't studying now, he is talking on the phone.
GP 9: The modal 'can'  Describing an ability or skill. He can play the guitar. They can cook.
GP 3: All personal pronouns as subject or objectI, you, he, she, it, we, they, me, you, him, her, it, us, them. Describing and identifying people, animals and objects. Do you want my father? He is in the garden. John is with him.
GP 10: Demonstrative pronounsThis, these, that, those.  Asking for, and giving information. These are tables. That family is rich. Is this a kettle?
GP 11: ConjunctionsBecause, and, or Linking sentence parts and ideas. John and Mary are in the garden because it is sunny.
GP 12: Interrogative wordsWhat, who, where, when, why Asking questions about people, animals and objects. What is this? Who is that girl? Where are Peter and Paul?
GP 13: AdverbsAdverbs of time: today, now, at the moment

Adverbs of frequency: always, never, sometimes, often, usually, every day, every week, every month

Describing when and how often someone does something or something happens. Discriminating between the present continuous and the present simple. I usually eat an egg for breakfast. At the moment, John is playing in the park.
GP 7: PrepositionsIn, on, at, to Talking about time, place, position. The examination finishes at 4pm. My brother is 10 years old in August. I am going to Disney World on 1st August.
GP 14: Time expressions Telling time. 10.15 = Ten fifteen or (a) quarter past ten.Twenty past one, half past ten, a quarter to two, eleven forty-five, etc.
GP 15: Singular/pluralsimple nounsincluding some common irregular ones. Countable and uncountable nouns. The names of common shapes. Talking about numbers of things. Talking about amounts and quantities. Describing the shape of something. eg: book-books, box-boxes, man-men, woman-women, child-children, party-partiesCan I have the butter? Can I have two sweets? This is a square. That is a circle.
Salutations (writing)The formulaic salutations of informal writing in messages such as emails, postcards Written communication. Dear,love from

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