Grammar Points


Grammar and Structures List for the Elementary Level Examination

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Grammar & Structures What are they used for? Some examples
GP 20: Future simple  will 1st conditional with clause present and result clause will/won't Talking about future plans. Talking about future plans which have conditions on them. What will you do when you are older? If it rains, we won't go to the park.
Future of intention "going to" Talking about future intentions. I'm going to see a film this evening.
GP 5c: Past continuous When, while Talking about past activities which were interrupted. I was having my breakfast when the postman knocked. While I was studying, he played loud music.
GP 16: Used to Talking about long past habits and states. My father used to work in an office. My sister used to have long hair.
GP 9: Modals Should, must Expressing obligation and advice. You must study hard if you want to go to university. You mustn't worry about it. You should always lock your car.
GP 21: I would rather + non finite verb Both of these in contracted forms too: I'd better, he'd better, we'd rather etc. Expressing preference and advice. I would rather eat fish than meat. You had better take an umbrella or you'll get wet.
Infinitive of purpose Talking about the purpose of doing something. Jane went to America to learn English.
GP 22: Question tagsIsn't he? Aren't you? Do you? Etc. Asking for confirmation of a negative or positive statement or inviting an answer to a question. You are coming to my party, aren't you? You haven't seen my car keys, have you?
GP 23: Relative pronouns Which, who, that  Identifying people and objects. This is the best cake that I have ever eaten. Jack is the one who is sitting at the back of the class.
GP 24: Reflexive pronouns Myself, himself, herself, etc. Identifying people and objects. He hurt himself.
GP 13: Adverbs Adverbs of frequency, e.g. never, sometimes; adverbs of manner, e.g. quietly, slowly; adverbs of time, e.g. today, now. Adverbs of degree, e.g. a lot, a little (and associated word order) Simple modal adverbs e.g. possibly, probably, perhaps Adverbs of sequence e.g. first, finally, next, then Describing how often, how, when and to what extent people do something. Indicating degree of possibility. Ordering events and understanding instructions and directions. I have never flown in a plane. At the moment, the children are playing in the park. The children walked home slowly. He is probably in his room. First, I had my breakfast. Go down the road and then straight on.
GP 28: Phrasal verbs Prepositions as used in some very common phrasal verbs and prepositional phrases. The contrast of too/enough  Talking about the extent of something. You must put on a hat if you go out in the sun. I am very fond of my pets.The student isn't trying hard enough, he never does his homework. The student is trying too hard, he will make himself ill.
GP 7: Prepositions
Prepositions as used in some very common phrasal verbs* and prepositional phrases*. You must put on a hat if you go out in the sun. I am very fond of my pets.
e.g. really, quite, so, very Indicating degree. It is really hot today.
Markers e.g. right, well. Use of substitution. Structuring conversation. Responding appropriately. Right, has everyone got a book? I think so. I hope so.
First name, surname, age, date of birth, address, postcode, country, nationality. Coping in formal situations especially when filling in forms. Date of birth: 30.10.78

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