High Five

High Five

High Five is an international communication support framework that enables students to communicate in a structured, stimulating way. This digital project can be joined at five CEFR levels and involves five contact activities between two schools in different countries.

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High Five is a great way to practice your English

In 2015 we started with the High Five project, to offer bigger groups of teachers, students and pupils opportunities to meet and learn, using digital facilities that are now available. But, the underlying idea is the same: to stimulate and structure the learning of English.

The step by step system has proved to be very well suited for that. It gives you freedom to practice your English in active way, but also supports your developments by monitoring and evaluating your progress in a structured way.

The digital project gives the adventure and excitement of getting to know people from other countries, with different backgrounds and ideas.

"After participating last year, we are very interested in joining again this year! We are in very good contact with two schools and now that we have another bilingual class, we would love use High Five to get in touch with another school!"

Jan van den Bos
Coordinator Bilingual Education & Internationalisation
Da Vinci College, Purmerend, The Netherlands

" I think Hi5 Project is a wonderful opportunity for pupils to learn English in a more active and fun way. Thus they make short videos, work on different projects and assignments, write essays, and have Skype meetings. This project enables pupils to communicate with their peers from other countries and besides learning English they also learn a lot about the Netherlands and its culture."

Erika Gajser Bizjak, prof.
Osnovna šola Tončke Čeč, Trbovlje, Slovenia

"I like this project very much because I can get to know people around Europe who, otherwise, I could have never met.
I liked the Dutch school; the students have been very friendly, not only in the Skype meetings, but in other occasions too. We kept in touch by WhatsApp and email. I like their videos: thanks to them, now I know something about their school (DaVinci College) and their city (Purmerend); I also learnt about famous sports in Holland. So, thank you dear friends for this experience we shared!"

Gaia, 12 years old, student at "Figlie del sacro Cuore di Gesù" school in Bergamo, Italy



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