Special Considerations

How to deal with e.g. Dyslexia 

Same chances for everyone

Anglia Examinations will not discriminate against a person on the grounds of a person's disability or special educational needs. A Disability or Special Educational Need may include, but is not exclusive to:

- Permanent long-term disability, (visual, hearing or speech impairment)
- Special Educational needs, such as dyslexia;
- Long-term illness, such as cancer or diabetes;
- Short-term medical conditions, such as glandular fever;
- Short-term physical impairment, such as fractured limbs.

Anglia Examinations will make every effort to cater for the requirements of any candidates with special needs sitting the examination in order to help them understand what is required of them, to convey their answers and to demonstrate their English to the best of their ability. For a candidate with a temporary disability, such as a broken arm, which only becomes known about shortly before the examination, you should contact Anglia Network Europe immediately to obtain authorisation to make Reasonable Adjustments. Applications for Reasonable Adjustments must be accompanied by a note detailing any such Disability or Special Educational Need. This note must be from a registered medical practitioner. This note must be translated into English otherwise it will not be accepted.

Additional time

Candidates may require additional time to read their papers or write their answers. Extra time may be granted for such difficulties including dyslexia, visual difficulties or writing difficulties. Normally additional time of up to 25% will be granted.

If a centre feels this is not adequate and a candidate will require more than this then they should state so clearly on the registration form. Some candidates may require supervised breaks during the examination. This would be appropriate for those who have difficulty concentrating for long periods of time. A candidate allowed supervised breaks may or may not also be allowed additional time.

Modified Examinations

A range of modified examinations are available. Reading/writing question papers, listening components and speaking tests can all be modified in order to give the candidate the chance to perform to achieve their potential no matter what their circumstances may be. Anglia will not make any extra charge for the provision of modified examination papers or any other administrative arrangements.

Questions about Special Considerations: admin@anglianetwork.eu

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