Step-by-Step Approach

Step-by-Step Approach

Anglia offers a comprehensive and structured programme of assessing English language competence, which students undertake at their own pace, guided by their teachers, from beginner through to full competence as an expert user. This step-by-step approach to testing encourages and motivates students to make clear and effective progress.

Stimulate & structure

The Anglia Certificate of English, which is acquired through graded examinations, consists of 10 levels of General English, which makes it possible for everyone to work at the right level. Students who are good in English can be challenged, while students who are facing difficulties can work on the language development step by step.

All Anglia levels are linked with the  Common European Framework. The Anglia Certificate of English as a Foreign Language is designed to take the student through all stages necessary to achieve a level of proficiency and can be used to gain access to British Universities and Colleges. Speaking Tests are available for all levels.

Ofqual Accreditation

We are happy to confirm through our  working partnership with AIM Awards, that Ofqual approved qualifications can be awarded for a pass grade or above for the top four levels of our Step-by-Step suite of revised general English (ESOL International) examinations:

- B1 Intermediate (UK National Qualifications Framework Level 1)

- B2 Advanced (NQF Level 1)

- C1 Proficiency (NQF Level 2)

- C2 Masters (NQF Level 3)

Level Overall time allocated Read / Write Listening Track + checking answers time
First Step 1:00 0:54 0:03
Junior 1:00 0:52 0:05 + 0:02
Primary 1:00 0:47 0:10 + 0:03
Preliminary 1:15 1:00 0:12 + 0:03
Elementary 2:00 1:41 0:16 + 0:03
Pre-Intermediate 2:00 1:40 0:17 + 0:03
Intermediate 2:00 1:39 0:18 + 0:03
Advanced 3:00 2:32 0:25 + 0:03
Proficiency 3:00 2:30 0:27 + 0:03
Masters 3:15 2:30 0:42 + 0:03
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