English for Kids Foundation

English for Kids Foundation

The EFKF aims at supporting and encouraging children to learn English, so that they can take part in communication worldwide and to give them the communicative skills and tools needed to share information with others in the broadest sense of the world.

EFKF website

Foundation Aims

– Support projects abroad
– Support travelling teachers
– Offer International internships
– Support schools in Holland
– Organize events to raise money
– Develop teaching material

International Projects

We have 6 international projects: Brazil, Ghana, India, Morocco, South Africa and Ukraine. Most members of our teams are teachers or students, all of which are volunteers who visit these countries and realize the EFKF targets in close cooperation with local project coaches by sharing knowledge, developing materials and undergoing teacher training.

In Brazil EFKF supports a group of children at the Semper Crescent School in Sao Paulo. Our aim is to support the pupils to improve their English so they can communicate with International guests: for example, at the World Soccer Championships in 2014 and the Olympic Games of 2016.

In Ghana EFKF works together with ROC West-Brabant, where dozens of students complete their internships. These students support the local community by building accommodation, providing health care and education. Part of the school project is in English, and the EFKF supports the teacher assistants with materials and training.

South Africa
In South Africa EFKF  formed a partnership with Ndlovu Care Group. EFKF focuses on improving the language skills of both the coaches and the students, striving to improve their position. EFKF also started a digital communication program between pupils in the Netherlands and South Africa.

In India EFKF supports the Little Stars School in Varanasi. This year we started with Global Education Practicum project in partnership with Roosevelt College University. A three-week long EFKF project in Varanasi, India, gives the students and teachers insight into the education system in India by being directly integrated and working in the system.  Teachers and students get to know Indian culture through afternoon workshops, activities and trips around the country.

In Morocco, Casablanca, we had conduct EFKF English Summer school. Morocco is very popular destination for our travelling teachers who go there to teach English in state schools. EFKF supports them with materials.

In Ukraine, EFKF travelling teachers teach English to young adults and students at Kharkov University. Together with students they focus on nearly all aspects of language: grammar, reading, listening/watching, writing and speaking. EFKF also organised English Summer schools there from 2010 to 2012, and we are trying to restart these.


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